Nectar is making a 10 hour drive to see the man she just broke up with. *white man blinking GIF* She doesn't know why. She knows why. There are a lot of reasons why. And now here she is, in her car. Doing this shit. Second guessing. Anxiety-ridden. This is her first true heartbreak, and she's doing it all wrong. A story about love, anxiety and the desire we all have to find ourselves in another self and hold onto it. 


a random comic about whatever i decide to write about including but not limited to: nudity, love, depression, abuse, parenting, cats, sweets and sex.

***if you don't like nudity and sad shit--including musings on my experience with abuse or assault-- don't read this. consider this a content warning. if it's something extremely graphic & violent i will put a TW.  if it's overtly sexual or nudity is involved i will put "NSFW."